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September 2, 2021 by Ashley Penny

Our schools are so empty these days, but we’re lucky at Village School because when the children aren’t here, the chickens move in to take their place.

One decided to try out the dress-up corner and the others decided to get ready for meeting on the couch.

Chickens in Classroom - Curious Hen

Meanwhile, a couple of preps logged into a Zoom meeting in the library to touch base with their big friends and share some of the maths they were doing while collecting gum nuts out in our wetlands.

We are constantly trying out new ways to connect with the children and ensure they learn something at home.

It’s not easy and there are many children who are shutting down and losing interest no matter what hoops we jump through.

What is especially hard for the teachers is to be able to make some meaningful comments in report writing when they haven’t seen the child at work, have not received much work from the child (in some cases none) and have not been able to have regular conversations to keep the lines of communication open.

Zoom Meeting With Big Friends

Last week I was a signature on a letter, along with the principals of Fitzroy Community School and Yarralinda sent to the Premier, stressing the harmful effects that lockdown has on some of the children’s mental health.

The article was in last Thursday’s Herald Sun and there were other like-minded articles as well. I do hope that the children can come back soon.

This week we’re going to look at the possibility of air purifiers and as well, we’re making sure we air out the classrooms.

So, let’s get the children to rug up warm and we’ll let the breezes blow through.

Let’s hope we’re all back at school at the beginning of term four.


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