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August 17, 2021 by Ashley Penny

Thanks to Rob and Luca for adding the gate to Samantha’s group’s “Bee Garden”. It keeps it safe from our free-range chooks.

They plan to plant every colour of the rainbow and also add some colourful mosaics around the enclosure’s edge to help brighten it up as well.

Let’s hope we’re back in the next couple of weeks to start the planting and create the mosaic strip in time for spring.

Laying mosaics in front of the new gate

I’m making a decision on Friday about whether or not we have to postpone the performance but I’m assuming the only way we’d all be back on Friday is if we had no new cases for at least three days beforehand, and I can’t imagine that happening at the moment.

I’m trying out Zoom meetings with the little ones this lockdown. They are more chaotic, especially when they sing along, but I think it’s worth it, actually having a bit more connection.

With Sam’s and Leanne’s groups I am breaking them up into a rehearsal schedule rather than take the whole groups.

I will be emailing the individual children with the rehearsal time and a reminder sent to the parents as a group. Hopefully, we can all get together.

Have a good week,

Tanya 😊

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