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November 30, 2020 by Ashley Penny

It’s exciting news that we are able to have up to 150 people inside and 300 outside.

We have decided to run the graduation concert as planned on Monday 7th December at 7:00pm in the hall, with all the windows open so that we can spread quite comfortably.

This concert is for everyone, but parents years 1-5 could help by only one of you coming with your child, if that’s possible.

The preps usually present a bear (already supplied by the school) to their year six big friend so we do encourage those families in particular to come.

It should only be about an hour or just over (depending on how long the two year-6 skits are going to take) and we will share some pre-recorded music from our school production for your entertainment.

Year sixes will also be off on a camp to Phillip Island in the last week and will return back just in time for Father Xmas and then whole school meeting for the children at 3:00pm.

Only parents of year six will be able to come to this meeting. Parents of part-time preps are asked to swap Thursday for Friday in the last week of school so that they are here for the Father Xmas visit.

This coming Friday is Transition Day and the children will spend the morning in their next year’s group. Preps for next year are also at school and big friends and little friends are assigned at this time.

Have a great week.


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