February 11, 2021 by Ashley Penny

What a wonderful first week!

The children were all settled and very calm, no separation tears in prep and lots of interactions across all the age groups as they got out the tennis rackets and also played tiggy around the whole school.

Laura’s group is still on half days and their theme is going to be about their environments, with the homegroup room starting out to mirror a home as a way of being predictable and inviting for the children.

Melissa’s group are looking at food and are going to learn the Dr Seuss “Hungry Hungry” song and “Food Glorious Food” from Oliver in performing arts.

Samantha’s and Leanne’s groups are having a geography theme, travelling around Australia, creating their own itineraries as they learn about our country and overseas.

Looking at maps of Asia

This again will be reinforced through our singing program where we’ll learn both Australian songs and songs from different cultures around the world.

Someone mentioned I’d better revise the national anthem, since it’s had that word change and I thought, “I wonder how many of them actually even know it?” I’d better find out!

As you can see from the blackboard and the separate note, we’ve delayed the Whole School BBQ by a week, so I hope to catch up with you all at the Whole School Meeting we’ll have after the barbecue.

Have a great week

Tanya ????

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