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October 26, 2020 by Ashley Penny

We have started rehearsing some parts of the play this week. I need to be careful as we are not supposed to be doing any singing and it’s really hard to stop Melissa’s group from singing, they are so good at it and know their lines so well!

The sound engineer has suggested I use recorded music in the play, which I can certainly do, but I was hoping to record the children’s solos soon.

At present the only legal recording I can do has to happen in the individual’s home!

The advice I’m getting at the moment is looking very dim as regards having an audience at all. The only definite thing I can plan for is filming each of the scenes with the children performing outside and using face mikes so that we can hear them clearly.

Whatever happens, we’ll make the best of it and at least it will be a very different performing experience for the children.

It was great seeing tennis lessons and pony riding lessons happening last week, and the weather continues to be so balmy which is fabulous for all the outdoor activities we do.

Have another good week in the land of “if’s and but’s and cross your fingers for some relaxing of rules regarding school functions.


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