August 31, 2020 by Ashley Penny

The last day of winter and then it’s Spring!

What was that saying – “Hope springs eternal?”

We’ve survived a weekend of freakish weather, with no trees down as far as I can see. I’ve run all the taps so that our water is good to go, the power is back on, but we do have the internet playing up at school today, so teachers are madly running from room to room trying to find a computer for their Zoom meetings.

Our IT man is currently working on the server retrieving all the back-up, so let’s all hope for the best.

Great to hear that Yonny’s group is organizing the Village Idol, albeit in a very different way – but hats off to the year 6’s who are managing this! I’m still persisting with the line rehearsals for the children in upper primary.

I rarely get one where all the actors are present, but actually that was par for the course, even when we did them at school. I am very much hoping that the play can be produced in some fashion, even if it’s just made into a video, at least the children will have some sort of record.

It’s also great having the bit of interaction with the children that happens in the Zoom meetings. Every now and then we try a bit of singing, which is okay when it’s a solo, but such a mish-mash if we all try to sing together.

I’m very proud of the way the children are coping with all of this and I congratulate the ones who’ve memorized their lines. That could mean we just have a quick couple of weeks moving it on stage, and then we may be ready to perform it.

I have lined up the tech help for the last week in November, so here’s hoping Spring brings us sunshine, flowers and songs and things start to feel a bit normal very soon.

Have a good week.


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