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May 20, 2021 by Ashley Penny

Options have been running for three weeks now and it’s lovely to move around the school during this time, watching the children all happily focused on their chosen activity.

Almost all were able to have their first choice, just a few getting their second.

When we swap over after next week, there’ll be the opportunity for the rest of the children to work on their first choice.

What’s particularly nice is that two of the options are run by individual students.

Well done to Max who did a great bit of preparation for his chess club, including homework sheets.

And well done also to Jules who is running a very well prepared Origami workshop.

The activities this term are: Archery, Board Games, Bush Walking, Ceramics, Chess, Coding, Jewellery Making, Origami, Pony Care and Yoga. These will include Soccer in the second module.

Enjoying Options - Archery

Enjoying Options - Coding

Enjoying Options - Ceramics

Enjoying Options - Yoga

Enjoying Options - Pony Care


Spare clothes for mud play

We’re almost halfway through the term now and we’ll be having lots more of this winter weather for a while yet, so please keep those spare clothes up to date.

We love letting the littlies play in the mud, but in some cases they’ve done so at break, changed into clean clothes and then covered themselves in mud again at lunch time!

Once the clean clothes have all been used up we’re going to have to say no more mud play for you!

An alternative would be to get them a mud play suit – I’ve seen them on children before and it would be a much better option if you could provide one.

Have a great week everyone and stay warm.


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