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July 22, 2021 by Ashley Penny

The good thing about being in lockdown is having a chance to practice our newly acquired IT skills. If we don’t use it, we lose it.

The teachers seem to have seamlessly slipped back into their lockdown routines and it’s business as usual.

The Play

It’s certainly not my preferred way of teaching and interacting, but at least I’ve been able to line rehearse most of Samantha’s and Leanne’s groups today, with children coming in and out of a continuous Zoom meeting all morning, and the ones who are at school just join me in the office when it’s their turn.

We’ve also managed to put the first undercoat on the backdrop in the hall, so things haven’t come to a standstill.

Preps painting the backdrop of the play

So far we have a drummer, a violinist and myself on the keyboard for the play’s little orchestra.

Guitarists would be a nice addition, if there are any parents or grandparents, or even older siblings who’d like to join us. We have eight different songs to practice.

Costumes are starting to appear in my office so I’ve asked the teachers to coordinate their class’s costumes, and hopefully get at least one parent from their group to support them in sourcing things we might need.


It’s such a pity that we’ve had to postpone this yet again. I’m hoping we’ll have just a week’s lockdown and then we can at least have the evening at school with all the planned activities.

If it’s not deemed safe we might not be able to have the actual sleepover, but we’ll keep an open mind about that at the moment.

Brrrr! The weather is great for staying at home. Hope you’re all tucked up with your books, screens or whatever and enjoying the warmth.

Stay safe

Tanya 😊


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