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November 23, 2021 by Ashley Penny

This week some of the older students will have the unique experience of recording their voices for the soundtrack to this year’s performance.

This is because it will yet again be a film, rather than a live performance.

It’s a different experience to putting on live theatre and although I know the children will miss the audience and the applause, the thing they gain is the chance to give a perfect performance.

We have broken up many of the scenes into smaller takes, so that the children can really concentrate on giving their best performance.

The film is not just like doing a video of the play. In the filming, we are able to add special effects and have creative camera angles and there’s more room for experiment.

One of the processes we go through is to record all the instrumental tracks before the filming day.

One of our ex parents who has helped us out every year for the last 10 years or so came to put down the violin tracks, while three other dads added drums and guitars.

We hope to show a couple of our scenes to our picnicking parents on the Graduation Concert evening, when we use our hall verandah to perform for our parents who are all spread out and social distancing.

Have a great week,



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