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May 12, 2021 by Ashley Penny

Prep tennis lessons

I have the pleasure of taking the preps each week to their tennis lessons in Lilydale.

It’s only been two weeks so far, but already they’re starting to develop tennis skills and most of them are keeping focused for almost the whole hour.

Jamie from Triple Ace Tennis and his assistant, Peter, run a very tight program with lots of different activities to keep the children motivated.

We are lucky to have this program supported by the Sporting Schools program, which actually pays for the coaching. We apply every term and we usually get accepted for at least half of the terms.

The other sports programs are swimming at the Croydon Leisure Centre, pony riding on the paths near the creek and Movement Matters at school.

The Thursday afternoon Options are running well and we’ll have some pictures of those next week.

Science experiments in STEAM

This week the older students explored in STEAM what happens when you put mentos in coke. They approached it like a proper experiment.

Science Experiment - Making Preparations

They had a control – diet coke and room temperature and discussed why they only changed one variable at a time.

They decided to test the effect of changing the temperature of the diet coke in one experiment and compared the control with vanilla coke in another.

Science Experiment - Mentos in Coke

They discovered that warm diet coke worked the best.

Have a good week everyone ????


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