April 29, 2021 by Ashley Penny

As usual, we entrust this activity to our senior students, who are presented with a lot of resources and some teacher time while they talk through the history of ANZAC and share their knowledge about it.

Then Leanne, the class teacher, leaves the organization completely up to them and the resulting ceremony yesterday was a credit to them all.

Children from all the groups made paper wreaths and showed great respect as they sat through the minute’s silence.

Anzac Day 2021 - Paying our respects

Six different children from year 5 and 6 led the proceedings and this year they increased the number of poems written about the war and ANZAC Day.

They also decided to include a recording of our National Anthem, sung by indigenous musician Kutcha Edwards. Kutcha and other musicians such as Judith Durham , Lou Bennet, and others created some new words which the children found especially relevant.

Anzac Day 2021 - Handmade Wreaths

Thank you to the parents who came to participate.

I had a new visitor to the school yesterday afternoon, and she was particularly impressed and moved by what the children had achieved.

Have a great week

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