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September 14, 2020 by Ashley Penny

It’s the last week of term, and we’ve planned a fun day and a dress up day on Thursday, to follow on from all the project presentations.

We realise there’ll be more screen time for this week, but the time when the children share their learning is very significant as it is yet another way of learning.

I think Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

When the children are teaching their peers they are reinforcing their own learning and are more likely to keep their knowledge long term

The audience is also learning; listening to their peers and formulating their own questions to share during the evaluations

Please encourage your child to listen to the others and if you’ve time to support this, then watch along too and have a dialogue with your child about what you’re watching (muted of course).

I hope you all enjoy your three-week break, which conveniently coincides with our Premier’s “Roadmap” out of Covid.

We are expecting Carmel’s and Melissa’s groups back on Tuesday 13th October, which was our official Term 3 start anyway

If the numbers come down we hope to see the rest of the school on Monday 26th October – however as you are aware, that second date is provisional only and like everyone else in this state of emergency we must follow the government’s guidelines

So we need to rely on everyone following the rules for this to occur, and I urge you to do your bit, as that’s the only thing we can do about this problem, apart from thinking positive and crossing our fingers, toes etc…

Happy holidays!


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