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October 19, 2020 by Ashley Penny

It was so nice to hear children’s voices all over the playground and to receive the wonderful products the children make at breaks and lunchtimes from the mud pit, which include flat whites and lattes as well as delightful tarts and chocolate cakes!

The volley-ball net is suddenly up, the children are rediscovering the cubbies and the trampoline and there are lots of chasing games all over the playground.

Sport is back on this week which will mean pony riding for the two youngest groups (which will be smaller groups, using just learning supports and maybe a couple of the year sixes).

The year six group will be having their tennis lessons on site and we’ll be blocking off a section of the driveway to use, along with the new path up to the hall and the volley-ball court.

Gym hasn’t been able to go ahead but the remaining two classes, Laura’s and Leanne’s will work with Leah doing Movement Matters, and then with Tanya and Sandy doing 16th century dancing for the play on Wednesday afternoons in a half and half set up.

Teachers are also keeping in mind the need to be outdoors as much as possible, and our outdoor classroom will no doubt be used more frequently, as well as regular outside breaks during work times.

Teachers are staggering outside environment time on Fridays, which will include cleaning out chook sheds, raking mulch, weeding, planting, and collecting the horse manure for compost or for sale.

Hopefully we’ll have some eggs for sale as well as some vegies later in the term. Specialist Thursdays will also resume this week, with Performing Arts, Five Rs, Library, Art and Writer’s Workshop.

Next year we are planning to have Specialist Subjects at different times across the week and bring back options on Thursday afternoons.

We will be having Laura for Preps, Melissa and Carmel 1/2s, Yonny and Samantha 3/4/5s and Leanne 5/6. Carmel and Yonny are taking smaller roles next year, Yonny working two days and Carmel working one day. Sally and Sandy will continue with library and STEAM.

We are keeping most of our learning supports, but Angie would like to have a break to explore some other options next year.

Have a good week,


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