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August 4, 2021 by Ashley Penny


We usually like to have the parent/teacher/child interviews a little earlier in the term, but lockdown has helped delay them.

However, it’s now time to contact your teacher and decide if you would like a face-to-face meeting, with masks or a Zoom meeting. Your teacher will let you know the times when she is available.

COVID reminders

Just a friendly reminder that all parents should be wearing masks outside, as should the teachers when mixing with you.

It would be good if parents didn’t congregate inside at the lockers before school if you can manage it.

I know sometimes you’re needed with the little ones, so if we all try and aim for less congestion it should be fine.

Past students

Just heard today that another of our ex-students has just been awarded a PHD in environmental science so congratulations to Beren Spencer for taking the long hard, but very satisfying road.

I’m aware that he is our third one, Christopher Smith also has a PHD, from Cambridge in England, again something to do with the environment I think and Owen Woodberry has a PHD in computer science from Oxford, in England.

The interesting thing is they’re all from around about the same time when they were at Village. I just need to hear that we have some of our ex-girl students doing the same things!


The costumes are slowly starting to come in. Please ask your teacher if you don’t know what your child is wearing.

I think the hardest ones to sort out will be the Mythical Creatures in Sam’s group.

There’s about six of them so if there’s a parent out there who has some ideas about their costumes we’d love you to come and have a chat with the children.

We’re starting to get some sunshine, so have a good week.

Tanya 😊

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