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July 27, 2021 by Ashley Penny

It’s interesting to note some of the educational advantages that have happened because of Covid.

I hasten to add, that I can’t wait to come out of lockdown for so many reasons; but if I look at the silver lining…

I watched two young boys spend an entire, uninterrupted lunchtime creating their landscape, with rivers, lakes and mountains.

No-one came in and decided to build something else or argue about access to water; they had as long as they needed to finish their task.

We are also aware that with a much smaller peer group, certain children who would often encounter issues that they’d find hard to manage, relaxed and became more positive while working with the teachers or playing with others.

A chocolate cake mud pie

Of course, we all know there are still times when you only need two children to be present to have a conflict flare-up.

I’m certainly not advocating we turn into a school of 20. Some even think a population of just 70 hasn’t enough social choices for some children.

So hopefully as Covid backs away we will return to a number somewhere between 80 and 90, still small enough to maintain our ’boutique school environment’ but big enough for a decent-sized game of soccer for the older children.

Stay warm and safe.

Tanya 😊

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