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March 30, 2021 by Ashley Penny

The end of term has crept up out of nowhere!

We have a very busy last three days with the Athletics this afternoon (rain permitting), the Travel Expo tomorrow and a visit from the Easter Bunny on Wednesday.

There will be some dairy free, gluten free and sugar free lolly options for those who can’t eat the Easter eggs.

If there are other issues can parents please provide us with a substitute before Wednesday?

Thank you to all the parents who have offered Options. We now have a great variety of activities starting up on Thursdays next term.

There will be Archery, Board Games, Bush Walking, Chess Club, Clay Modelling, Coding, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Origami, Paper Quilling, Pony Care, Soccer and Yoga/Mindfulness.

The preps have slightly less on offer due to some skill issues but they can still choose from seven of the thirteen options.

Swimming lessons on the inflatables at Croydon Leisure Centre

This term we tried a new venue for our Swimming option – the Croydon Leisure Centre.

It worked very well and the children had a fun day last week with lots of water squirting and bouncing around.

The Leisure Centre was also more than kind, giving them all a jelly cup treat at the end of their first lesson (they just omitted to inform the teacher they were doing this and I had to stop them giving out chocolate frogs in week two, much to the children’s disappointment!)

We waited until the last lesson for another treat!

Have a safe and happy holiday and see you all next term.

Tanya ????

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