School Trial Period

Feel confident that that our school is a good fit for your child.

Here at Village School we offer a trial period to students that have commenced their schooling elsewhere.

We realise that changing schools is a huge decision and a big step for most children, and we want to help you to feel confident that Village School is a good fit for your child and your family, before you make the final decision to transfer.

How the trial period works

Our school trial period is offered to all families who have submitted an enrolment application to Village School and have been approved to move further through the enrolment process.

When changing schools, it is customary for the child to have at least one or two days’ trial, which may be stretched out for a longer period if it is deemed appropriate by the teacher.

School Trial - Our Farm Animals

During the first month of enrolment you can make the choice to leave the school without the necessary term’s notice, if you feel the school is not right for your child.

In very rare instances the school may advise you to seek out a different school for your child and will in that case refund the first month’s fees.

Your child will be placed in a classroom to suit their age and abilities, which will become their future classroom if you decide to stay at Village, and will have a buddy assigned to them to help them “learn the ropes” as quickly as possible.

Our students love having trial students in their classrooms, and will ensure that your child feels welcome and knows what to do and where everything is.

During your trial period, we will work closely with you and your child to ensure that they slot into school life quickly, and to monitor their experience.

School Trial - Collecting Eggs

If we notice any concerns about how your child is handling the Village School way of doing things, we will discuss them with you to decide on the best course of action.

Once we are confident that your child will thrive in the Village School environment, we will let you know and offer your child a permanent place in our school.

Organising a trial period

Before you commence your trial period, we ask that you organise a tour of our school, have a chat with our principal, and complete an application for enrolment.

Once you have been offered a trial, you will need to let your current school know that your child will be absent from school for up to four weeks, in order to allow for our trial period to run its full course.

School Trial - Making Friends

Your child does not need to bring anything special for the trial period, but they will need:

  • A packed lunch every day
  • To wear casual clothes
  • Closed-toe shoes, to suit our outdoor environment
  • A raincoat for wet weather
  • A change of clothes, especially socks
  • Gumboots are recommended, especially if the weather is cold and wet
  • Slippers, if they would prefer to wear these in the classroom

We will provide all learning materials and can organise a loan of a hat for outdoor play, if required.

Please contact the office on 03 9726 4766 if you would like to discuss our trial period and the enrolment process for your child to commence at Village School.

You can book a tour of the school using the form below.

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