School Policies

Our policies and procedures create a safe school environment.

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your child and your family at our school.

In order to achieve this, our school has a number of policies and procedures in place that lay out how we manage our staff, students and school environment.

These policies may be reviewed and updated at any time, based on changing school and regulatory conditions, and we ask that you familiarise yourself with them.

Our School Policies

Please download our policy documents below.

Village School’s Anaphylaxis Policy

Village School’s Anti-Bullying Policy

Village School’s Asthma Policy

Village School’s Child Protection Mandatory Reporting Policy

Village School’s Child Protection Manual

Village School’s Child Safe Policy

Village School Communication Plan Policy

Village School’s COVID Policy

Village School’s Enrolment Policy

Village School’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Village School’s Privacy Policy

Village School’s Safety Code of Conduct

Village School’s Student Welfare Policy

For any questions or concerns relating to our school policies, please contact the office on 03 9726 4766.

About our school

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