School Fees

Our fees allow us to provide an outstanding learning experience to all of our students.

Village School is a private, independent school, and charges annual fees for students to attend the school.

We aim to set our fees at a level that makes our school accessible to as many families as possible, while also ensuring that we can maintain our vision and provide an outstanding learning experience to all of our students.

Village School fees

Our fees are set by the school board and are reviewed annually.

The school fees are used to cover the costs of operating our school that are not otherwise covered by government funding, fundraising activities and other income.

School Fees - Office Buildings

Please see our latest annual report for more information on the income and expenses of the school.

2022 tuition fees per annum

Part-Time Prep Year $7,500
Prep to Year 6 $9,408

Other school fees

Membership of the Village School Association $2.50 per parent per annum
Working Bee Levy $100 per family per annum
(This fee is reimbursed if 2 working bees are attended during the year.)
Building Fund Donation $500 once-off donation per student enrolled

We do accept enrolments throughout the year, and will adjust our fees on a pro-rata basis.

Paying school fees

We offer a number of payment options and discounts to make our school fees easier to manage for families.

School Fees - Playground Equipment

Sibling discounts

Families with two or more children in the school at the same time will receive the following discounts:

  • 25% discount off the tuition fees for the second child
  • 50% discount off the tuition fees for third and subsequent child/children

Payment options

Parents can choose to pay their fees upfront at the start of the year, for a small discount.

We also offer parents the option to pay their fees by credit card or direct deposit in 10 monthly instalments, commencing in early February, with the last payment due in early November.

Payment terms

All school fee payments must be made in full by the due date in order to secure your child’s place at our school.

Parents who wish to leave the school must provide us with a term’s notice of that decision, or forfeit a term’s worth of fees in lieu of that notice.

If you have any questions about our school fees or payment of fees, please contact the office on 03 9726 4766.

More information about enrolment

To learn more about enrolling in our school, please see:

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