Our Curriculum

We cover essential learning areas while developing key personal skills.

Village School addresses all key learning areas of the Victorian curriculum using an integrated, differentiated and negotiated approach.

We have been implementing this approach to learning and education since 1982, and remain aligned with the guidelines of the Department of Education and Training.

A flexible approach to the curriculum

By adapting the curriculum to suit the needs of each student and the school community, we develop a love of learning and the skills to succeed in life.

Primary School Curriculum - Cardboard Tube Construction

An integrated curriculum

  • We make the curriculum come alive, integrating the disciplines within meaningful and relevant learning topics
  • We acknowledge that it is not what you learn but how you learn, and then recognizing how you learn, that is important
  • We do not have a hierarchy of knowledge outcomes; these will vary according to attitudes and aptitudes. i.e. environmental influences, personal interests and needs determine the topics covered
  • Every learning discipline does not necessarily appear in each topic
  • Sometimes the whole school follows the same topic
  • More often learning topics are chosen by individual groups, taking into account the different interests and abilities of the different age groups
  • These skills are transferred to other types of learning and used for life

A differentiated curriculum

  • We acknowledge that learning progresses at different rates and in different ways and therefore whole group teaching does not usually address individual differences
  • Small group learning with intellectual peers is often used to present new skills
  • Individual instruction can address difficulties with skills and understandings
  • Grouping students with different strengths and weaknesses can help them work cooperatively to achieve a common goal
  • Parents with special gifts or talents may work one to one or with small groups to extend children with those particular gifts or talents
  • Choices within the topics ensure that different learning styles are catered for and acknowledged as equally valid

Primary School Curriculum - Kitchen Science Experiment

A negotiated curriculum

  • Learning topics are often chosen by the student or adapted from that already suggested by the teacher
  • Projects can change to suit the child’s needs and abilities because the negotiation is ongoing
  • Self initiated studies often lead to life-long passions
  • Negotiating learning ensures that the students take more responsibility for the learning process
  • When a child is negotiating they are already ‘engaged’ with the learning process

Academic learning

Our students develop an understanding of and appropriate capabilities across the following key learning areas.

English & Literacy - Presenting Ideas English Our English curriculum helps students communicate confidently, think creatively and become informed so that they can understand and engage with the world. Read more »
Maths Curriculum -Creating a Maze Outdoors Maths We use practical hands-on activities to help out students develop a solid understanding of the principles and applications of maths in their everyday lives. Read more »
Science & STEAM - Science Experiments Science and STEAM We use a range of hands-on science and STEAM activities to help our students develop a strong appreciation of the key science concepts and techniques. Read more »
Technology - Planning & Designing Technologies Technology is incorporated into learning activities across the curriculum, and we use practical tasks to strengthen students’ understanding of technologies. Read more »
Languages - Teaching Mandarin Languages Our languages program is fun and engaging for all students, regardless of age or ability, and develops an additional language that will serve them in life. Read more »
Arts Curriculum - Costume with Trophy The Arts We have a diverse and inclusive arts program at Village School that helps children develop confidence in expressing their unique gifts and talents. Read more »
Humanities & Social Sciences - Building Cities Humanities and Social Sciences The humanities and social sciences help our students develop a solid understanding of the world and their place in it, using practical, relevant activities. Read more »
Health & Physical Education - Bush Walking Health and Physical Education Health and physical education are essential for success in life, and we help students appreciate and apply their skills to create health and well-being. Read more »

Personal development

In addition to academic skills, we focus on developing personal skills in our students that will equip them to succeed as an adult in the real world.

Our additional learning programs help us to keep sight of the big picture and educate the whole child in preparation for life.

Life Skills Program - Being Independent Life Skills for Our Learners By teaching our children life skills as part of our classroom activities, we give them everything they need to express their unique value in the world. Read more »
Emotional & Social Skills - Connecting with Others Social and Emotional Skills We aim to develop the social and emotional abilities of our students to help them manage their emotions and connect with others in effective ways. Read more »
Gifted Children - Shining Brightly Gifted Children Our flexible approach to the curriculum, personalised learning strategies and student freedoms and responsibilities are perfectly suited to gifted children. Read more »
Environmental Sustainability - Planting a Garden Sustainability and Environment We integrate environmental, educational, social and economic outcomes to help students to appreciate the full picture of sustainability at school and home. Read more »

Our approach to the curriculum

For more information on our approach to learning, please see:

Our Holistic Philosophy - Teacher with Students Outdoors Our Approach Village School is an independent, non-sectarian and non-denominational primary school, and we take an holistic approach to education. Read more »
Personalised Learning - Working Outside on Verandah Learning For Life Our hands-on, open and active approach to learning at Village School creates the conditions for effective, personalised learning and shapes lifelong learners. Read more »

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