High Schools

Learn more about the high schools our students have attended.

Students from Village School go on to attend a wide range of high schools in the local Melbourne area.

Finding the right high school

We find that our students adapt well to many different high schools, and have the skills and confidence to continue their education in a variety of ways.

To find the right high school for your child, we recommend touring schools, speaking with the principal, teachers and students, and speaking to past Village School graduates.

Meet the graduates

We invite a selection of our past students back each year for an event we call “Meet the Graduates”.

Each graduate talks about their journey since leaving Village School, some challenges they encountered and what worked well for them.

Parents and children also have the opportunity to ask questions of our graduates, to further understand which schools suit what kinds of students.

High Schools Melbourne - Having Fun

We find that this forum is a great way for parents to get clearer on which high schools might be the best options to explore for their children.

We hold our “Meet the Graduates” nights towards the end of each year. Please check our school calendar for the next upcoming event date.

High schools of past Village School students

Here are some of the more commonly attended high schools by our past students.

Templestowe College


Templestowe College is the state school that best fits the Village School philosophy. Many of our students have chosen this school, but of late because of its popularity there have not always been places available. It runs a Montessori stream as well as a mainstream, but the pastoral care and the elements of student autonomy that are practised make it a good choice.

Sherbrooke Community School


Sherbrook Community School is a P-12 state school that is similar to the Village School as regards size and environment, and some of our children have chosen this school for the secondary education. The school creates a very caring, family-like environment for students, although its small size may limit subject options in higher years.

Billanook College


Billanook College (Independent) has had an historical relationship with Village School. At one time the principal of Billanook was the Chair of the Village School Board and there was also a relationship of immediate acceptance into Billanook College. This is no longer the case. The pastoral care at Billanook is what makes it a good choice for some of our students.

High Schools Melbourne - Performing Arts

Melba College


Melba College (formerly Maroondah Secondary College) is perhaps the closest state school to Village School and in the past we have had students attend the school, who also commented that the school’s pastoral care program was helpful.



Preshil is a private school in Kew and it also shares much of the Village School philosophies and it has attracted some of our students. The music program in particular has been an attraction. The good thing is, it is also a small boutique school so the style of the environment, although not rural, is relaxed and similar to Village.

Yarra Valley Grammar


Yarra Valley Grammar is a very large traditional independent school who has attracted some of our students because of its comprehensive sports program.

High Schools Melbourne - Working Together

Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School


The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner school in Warranwood is also in some ways similar to Village School as regards its mutual respect for children and teachers. Some of our students have sought this out due to its high profile as regards the visual arts.

Lilydale High School


Lilydale High School has attracted a couple of our students in the past as they were interested in the Accelerated Programs offered.

Box Hill Senior


Box Hill Senior is a 9-12 secondary school with a strong sports program along with an emphasis on practical skills. They have a similar approach to education to Village School and some of our students have thrived there after finding that traditional schooling was not such a good fit for them.


You can also connect with parents in our Facebook group to ask them about their high school experiences.

You can also read what some of our past students have said about Village School on our reviews page.

Past students’ achievements

We love celebrating the successes of our past students. Here’s some of the great things they’ve achieved over the years.

  • Emily Marker – Box Hill Institute’s Awards of the Year for 2020, for Applied Fashion Design and Technology and they commented on her being a great team player and a talented designer
  • Rhiannon Kelly – Telstra/YCA Corona Virus Challenge in 2020. She developed a prototype app called Study Sync and was invited to present at Telstra’s national conference
  • Rohan McGowan – Finalist in Thales 2018 design challenge, for his road safety solution, created with two other students from Sherbrooke Community School
  • Beren Spencer – PHD in environmental science
  • Christopher Smith – PHD from Cambridge in England in environmental
  • Owen Woodberry – PHD in computer science from Oxford, in England


Additional resources

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