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We welcome parents and friends to our close-knit, warm and engaged community.
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Welcome to the Village School community!

We are very proud of our close-knit, engaged and welcoming school community here at Village School, and we would love for you to become as involved with it, in whatever way works for you.

Benefits of our school community

One of the most valuable reasons to become involved in our school community is simply the opportunity to be welcomed with open arms into a group of like-minded individuals.

We all share a passion for creating a wonderful experience for our children, and being part of the Village School community really is like joining one big family.

School Community - Farm Gumboots

In fact, we have past parents and students coming back to our school in a number of different ways, because even after all those years, they still feel so connected to the school.

  • Through our community you also may:
  • Make new friends
  • Get more involved in the local community
  • Discover new ways to support the school and your child’s education
  • Learn ways to continue your child’s learning at home
  • Create new business relationships

We organise a number of social and outside of hours events, and we strongly encourage you to participate in every single one of them to enjoy the full experience of belonging to the Village School community.

We also provide parents with a list of contact details of all parents (names and email addresses), to make it easier to organise play dates and birthday parties, etc.


We publish a school newsletter weekly, and share it via email and our school app, School Stream.

In it, we cover items including:

  • Key school events and important dates
  • Updates from the principal
  • Board news
  • Updates from classroom and subject groups
  • Parents and Friends (PnF) updates
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Farm roster & instructions
  • Community news

and more.

If you would like to be added to our distribution list for the newsletter, please contact the office.

Ways to get involved

We gratefully receive any assistance that you are able to provide to the smooth running of our school, in whatever way works for you.

School Community - Farm Shed

Here are some examples of the many things that our parents have done for us in the past:

  • Sewn costumes for the school performance
  • Recorded and edited video for the school performance
  • Built and painted sets for the school performance
  • Options over the years e.g. cooking, sewing, weaving, knitting, archery, gemstones
  • Listening to reading the classroom
  • Sharing their special or professional talents e.g. photography, car engines
  • Creating mosaics around the school
  • Been mentors to students e.g. coding
  • Dancing & music e.g. African drumming
  • Cooking special lunches for the children
  • Maintenance work around the school
  • Created the Brushy Creek Wetlands
  • Recorded frog calls with the children
  • Helped lead horses in lessons
  • Ran fairs, fêtes and car boot sales
  • Helped with fundraising e.g.
    • trivia nights,
    • silent auctions,
    • raffles,
    • chocolate drives,
    • healthy seed planting drives
  • Ran special entertainments for school community participation e.g.
    • Bollywood Dancing
    • Roller Skating
    • Outdoor movie night
  • Gardening with and without the children

If you have time, skills or anything else that you can contribute that could help our school become even better, we would love to hear from you!

And here’s our school community in action:

Parents and Friends (PnF) association

We also have a very active “Parents and Friends” association that helps with catering for events, fundraising drives, organising social events and other great activities.

We would love for you to join the PnF association, or just turn up to meetings full of enthusiasm and suggestions.

The PnF association regularly posts notices on the whiteboard, in our newsletters and on the school blackboard (next to the driveway).

We also have an active Facebook group that all current parents are welcome to join.

Please get in touch with the PnF association via the school office.

Community resources

Please find additional resources to support our school community on the pages below.

School Events Calendar - Having Fun Together School Events Calendar Along with the usual key school happenings, we also regularly organise events to celebrate important events and to help bring our community closer together. Read more »
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High Schools - Year Six Students High Schools To find the right high school for your child, we recommend touring schools, speaking with teachers and students, and talking to past Village graduates. Read more »
Resources for Parents and the Community Resources Here are some resources that our school community has found valuable to support parents and students as they move through their primary school years. Read more »
News & Events at Village School News Stay up to date with the latest news and happenings at Village School. See what the children are creating. Read about our approach to education. Read more »

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