Student Reports

Our focus is on individual development and achievements.

Our holistic approach to learning means that reports and grades play a different role at Village School. Although we provide written reports and parent-teacher interviews twice a year, our focus is more on the individual development and achievements of each child. We also provide regular progress updates and feedback to students and parents, as part of the day-to-day learning process.

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Our Reports

Ongoing Feedback

The most valuable feedback we can provide is on a day-to-day basis to children as they are learning and exploring a subject. By gently guiding them, asking them questions about their work and helping them to reflect on what they have done and understood, we help students develop a deeper appreciation for the material. We also approach mistakes as an opportunity to learn and develop resilience, rather than a reason for concern or censure.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Twice a year parents have the opportunity to attend a formal parent-teacher interview, where they can discuss their child’s progress and raise any concerns or areas for focus. Parents are also welcome to organise a meeting with their child’s teacher at any time to discuss how they’re going, or to address challenges that have arisen.

Teachers are also available by email, which allows parents to share insights, updates or information that may help our teachers support your child more effectively in the classroom.

Primary School Reports - Ongoing Feedback

Written Reports

Teachers write formal reports for your child twice a year, offering insights on how your child is progressing both academically and socially. We address our comments directly to your child, as a sign of respect and with the understanding that our feedback is of most value to our students, to help them reflect on their learning journey and grow.

Our reports provide constructive feedback, recognition of achievements, suggestions for skills to further develop and encouragement for the future. We may also provide a general indication to you whether your child’s skills are at, above or below the expected level for each of the curriculum areas, but prefer to keep a minimal focus on this type of reporting.


As part of our individualised and democratic approach to education, we refrain from applying grades to our students’ work. Instead, we use teaching strategies to help students reflect on their work, to identify what achievements they are satisfied with and which aspects they would like to improve on.

We have an obligation to run NAPLAN tests for students in years 3 and 5 but many of our parents exercise the right to exempt their children from these tests for philosophical reasons.

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Reporting on learning

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