Our Vision and Mission

We aim to delight and inspire children to be resourceful, independent learners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sensitively nurture children’s growth, curiosity, independence, creativity and critical thinking, so that they can thrive at school and lay a solid foundation for lifelong learning and a positive future. We provide an inspiring, progressive, evidence-based education within a vibrant learning community. We dare to be different.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Village School will be a beacon of educational excellence. It will be a thriving school where every child’s learning and personal growth is skilfully and compassionately fostered by a highly professional staff. We will work within a lively, cohesive and inclusive school community supported by outstanding leadership and responsible governance.

To delight and inspire

At Village School, our aim is to delight and inspire children to be resourceful, independent learners.

We recognise that students of every age and stage develop learning in different ways and at different rates.

Teachers at Village School match the teaching to each child’s learning style – not the other way around – by presenting information and skills in a variety of ways.

Vision Mission Statement - Playground Fun

Celebrating everyone

Individual differences are celebrated and children are encouraged to develop an awareness of their place in Australian society and the global community.

Each child is a worthwhile person, respected and valued for who they are.

A positive self-concept is considered essential and sometimes the most effective strategies for building self-esteem are not linked to academic performance.

Taking responsibility

Animals play a big part in the program at Village School and the children take responsibility for goats, chickens, geese and ponies.

An annual school performance provides another vehicle for building feelings of self-confidence and worth.

Building resilience

In our ever-changing world, children need to be able to adapt a wide range of skills, both social and academic, to maximise the opportunities that society offers.

A good education should provide children with more than just preparation for a successful economic life.

Vision Mission Statement - Big Little Friends

Real-life experiences

At Village School, there is a real effort made to balance the academic program with many life experiences.

Specialist subjects at Village School include languages, music, drama, horse riding, gymnastics, modern martial arts, environmental science, animal care and horticulture.

Additionally, the school displays a strong commitment to maintaining its animal farm and wetlands environment, so that ‘real life’ work experiences form an integral part of the daily curriculum.

Developing skills for life

Independent thinking and problem-solving skills are fostered as a way of preparing students for adult life.

Predicting, checking, monitoring and ‘mind mapping’ are successful and relevant ways of dealing with information and technology in today’s society.

A close-knit community

Village School is committed to its ‘small school’ policy of having no more than 20 children to one teacher in home-groups.

This level of involvement and relationship between staff and students allows both philosophical and educational aims to be fully realised.

We also encourage our parents to become engaged in the school in any way that suits them, to help our school community thrive.

Our unique approach

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