Strategic Plan

We continue to fulfil our mission to inspire our students to become lifelong learners.

Our strategic plan allows us to reflect on our past achievements and look into the future.

Through our strategic and school improvement plans, we continue to fulfil our mission to inspire a love of learning in our students in order to prepare them for success in life.

We aim to continuously improve our school and the educational experience we provide to our students.

Our strategic plan

Village School involves board members and the teaching staff in the development of the strategic plan.

Strategic Plan - New Admin Buildings

There is consultation initially, then the principal writes a draft which goes to the board and then to the teachers before a final copy is produced.

Our current aims for the school, as laid out in our Strategic Plan, centre around the following seven areas:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Student Life
  3. Staff Professional Life
  4. Community
  5. Governance and Management
  6. School Growth
  7. Facilities and Infrastructure

Village School Strategic Plan

Our school improvement plan

The school improvement plan is more of a working document and it is maintained by the teachers and the principal.

Strategic Plan - New Garden Fences

Our short term goals, as outline in our School Improvement Plan focus on:

  1. Maths teaching and outcomes
  2. Individual learning plans
  3. Indigenous studies
  4. School growth

One thing that Village has lacked over these years is proper sport playing fields for games like soccer, hockey or even a basketball court.

We are currently exploring the idea of installing a more durable, permanent sports field between the hall and the hexagonal classroom.

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