Our staff love helping your child grow and blossom, and take charge of their experience.

Our staff at Village School are a special breed of people.

Being a Village teacher means you haven’t forgotten how to play and have fun.

They are expected to dress up, not only themselves but their classrooms as well, so that the children are surrounded by inspiration and creativity.

Staff & Teachers - Fairy Tale Dress Ups

Village School teachers know that relationships are the most important thing they need to develop with their students, if they are going to get the best out of them.

Children need to feel accepted and their actions validated in order to feel safe to take risks with their learning.

Our teachers love watching their students learn and grow, and are also willing to give children the freedom to make their own decisions and take charge of their learning journey.

They’re there every step of the way, watching your child blossom, and tailoring learning activities to challenge and stretch them, and bring out their best.

And our administrative staff are always ready with a helping hand or a gentle suggestion to ensure that your child’s day is enjoyable and productive.

Our staff members are also real people, with their own lives and challenges, and work to model the kind of creative, open-minded, resourceful behaviours we aim to instil in your children.

We celebrate our staff for the wonderful, warm-hearted and adaptable human beings that they are, and appreciate all of their hard work to nurture your children and support our school.

Staff & Teachers - Wilson's Prom

How our staff members connect

Village School expects their teachers to really engage with each student and form a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

The teachers need to model this respectful behaviour to the children and that manifests itself in the following ways.

  1. Teachers are addressed by their first name, exactly as the children are.
  2. Teachers sit on the floor or on the couches with the children during class meetings run by the children.
  3. Teachers must put up their hands to be able to speak in those meetings.
  4. If a teacher wants to order a special lunch as the children do then they must be prepared to wait in line
  5. Teachers address the children in the same tone of voice that they would use to talk to their colleagues.
  6. If it’s a hat wearing term, or the children need to don boots the teachers must do the same.
  7. On dress up days, or other events teachers dress up accordingly.
  8. Although teachers need to lead learning sessions they don’t spend a long time talking or lecturing to the children. Rather they will design their lessons to be interactive, child centred and emphasise the ‘doing’ aspect.
  9. Our teachers welcome mistakes, either their own or the children’s, as they see the value of learning through making mistakes ,and they need to communicate that to the children
  10. We encourage open and honest interactions between adults and children, and we expect our teachers to honour the children’s ideas and feelings and work towards friendly collaborations between adults and children.

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