Reviews of Village School

Read what our parents and students have said about their experiences.

Our parents and students have had some wonderful things to say about Village School over the years, and we’d love to share some of those with you.

Google reviews of Village School

You can read reviews of Village School on our Google listing, which you can find here:

Village School on Google

Village School Reviews - Google

Some of the things that people have said about our school:

“This is one of the best schools I’ve ever encountered. Children study in small classes with a lot of time for free activities and a big emphasis on independence and personal projects. Boundaries between age groups are intentionally blurred – older children are encouraged to be helping out the younger ones. There is a lot of outdoor area with various terrains. There are chickens and ponies that children learn to take care of (and ride!). Every time I come here I wish I was young enough to study in this school! One of the best markers for how kids themselves enjoy the school is that the ones who have already graduated keep coming to check things out, play with children, and to help out with school performance and smaller chores.”
~ Val S

“The Village school offers my son a creative and flexible space to learn. He is engaged and excited about the term themes and all the tasks and activities pulled together that are fun and don’t particularly feel like lessons. Teachers are approachable and eager to work with parents to improve outcomes for students.”
~ Belinda J

Village School Reviews - Painted Cubby House

“We selected Village for our son and we are incredibly pleased that we did. The dedication of the teachers under the exemplary direction of our principal Tanya continues to surpass our expectations. The five R’s: responsibility, reliability, resilience, respect and resourcefulness are embedded into every corner of village life. The variability of experiences and learning opportunities mean that our son can learn and grow in his own time, at his own pace. The school community is tight-knit, welcoming and inclusive. They say it takes a village to raise a child, you’ll most definitely find that community here!”
~ Daniela P

“An amazing school! Warm, caring, flexible teachers who actually listen to children and see them as capable and competent. Children are trusted and respected.”
~ Liesel M

“If only all schools could be like Village School. A beautiful place where children learn the way they should. Where the teachers inspire your children to learn and explore, where the focus is on your child and not on Naplan scores and big school numbers.”
~ Jenna W

Village School Reviews - Farm Entrance

“Best primary school in Melbourne. Couldn’t be happier! We love Village. Not only do they have a really well-articulated and progressive philosophy, they put that philosophy into practice really well.”
~ M M

“I went to Village School from prep to grade 5. It was an amazing experience for me. Every day was an adventure at Village School. The teachers were lovely and always there to help out. And all the students learned at their own pace. Learning was always made fun and engaging. And Village had their own farm and the students helped look after the animals. Village School is an amazing school. And I have so many fond memories from it.”
~ Charlotte M

Facebook reviews of Village School

We also have a number of great reviews on our Facebook page, which you can find here:

Village School on Facebook

Village School Reviews - Facebook

You can read some of the reviews below:

“Village School is a wonderful independent school nestled amongst the trees and wildlife. The Principal, teachers and staff are committed to the growth and development of each individual child. They certainly make learning fun for the children.”
~ Leah G

“Both my children went to the Village School. They are now in their twenties and still engaged in learning and more importantly in the community at large. They turned out to be the kind, caring men we had hoped to raise; their years at Village were a big part of that process.”
~ Cathy Hainstock

Village School Reviews - Concrete Rebound Wall

“The independence and self-motivation being fostered at Village School is enabling my children to be able to think for themselves, to ‘have a say’, to have innovative ideas, and have the ability to question and negotiate things around them. Often outcomes can be reached by various methods and I love that the children truly have a voice in the ‘how’. They naturally develop a thirst for knowledge and proactive change. I feel these are crucial precursors for adults in our community and in view of a tertiary system which is becoming less spoon-fed and far more ‘directed self learning’ at uni level… I also love the focus on nature with daily responsibilities around the animals and grounds, multi-age classrooms as well as the small numbers- ensuring no child is lost in the system. Mass ‘factory line’ conformity is avoided… There are no bells, no lining up, no uniforms, teachers/mentors are by first name etc. Such a wonderful democratic standard of education evolving.”
~ Megan P

“Best school for our little lady. Now in year 12 and longing for uni. Just wants to learn. Village set her on the path, thank you”
~ Maureen W

Student reviews

Here’s what one of our Year 1 students wrote about attending Village School, entirely unprompted!

Student testimonial - Year 1

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