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A private, secular, non-denominational, co-educational primary school.
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Village School chooses to be an independent, secular and non-denominational primary school, having no specific affiliations with any other educational establishment or educational system.

We are a co-educational school providing an alternative to mainstream education, where children have a voice and participate in decision-making and the running of the school.

We also take a flexible approach to learning, focusing on the process of learning and creating a lifelong love of learning, and giving children freedom and responsibility for their learning journey.

About our school

The Village School moved to its present site in 1985.

It sits on 8 acres near Brushy Creek in Croydon North (a North Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Australia).

The school usually has between 75 – 85 students, with typically four or five home groups each year.

Private Secular School - Community Gazebo

One teacher and one learning support staff work with no more than 20 students in each classroom, which usually is a mixture of grade levels: e.g. part-time preps and preps together, ones and twos together etc.

We have a good sized hall which is used for performing arts lessons, some sport activities and whole school get-togethers.

Other extra spaces are the library, the STEAM room and the outdoor classroom.

The gazebo at the front of the school provides a good meeting place for after school for both parents and children, and is also the site of our weekly stalls.

The grounds are extensive and contain a wetlands area at the front that is sometimes used under supervision for environmental activities.

The remainder of the property is for the children’s play and there is playground equipment, a trampoline and lots of cubby building spaces.

Private Secular School - Concrete Tunnels

There is also a farm enclosure for the chickens and four paddocks in which the horses are housed.

Not your average private school

By choosing to be an independent private school, with no affiliations or relationships with other schools or systems, we are free to make the choices that best serve our mission.

We offer a clear alternative to mainstream education, with our joint focus on experiential learning and academics, combined with democratic schooling and flexible learning.

Our students are expected to take responsibility for the learning process, and are given the freedom to pursue individual interests and abilities, within the classroom framework.

To us, developing life skills, social and emotional skills and individual gifts and talents is just as important as covering the basics, and we believe that learning happens naturally when activities are engaging and relevant.

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