The Village School farm animals play an important role in teaching. Lessons in respect for all living creatures, reliance and responsibility are taught in very real ways. Respect for and commitment to the environment is also encouraged through the wet lands project that is run on the school property. Adults and children address each other on a first name basis as a way of showing mutual respect and reinforcing that everyone is valued as a worthwhile individual. You’ll find our children are more forthright, expressive, honest and well spoken because we do give them a real voice in the Village School community.


Problem solving, creative thinking and initiative are commonly named as the tools for jobs of the future. Village School children are taught to look for answers and solutions rather than be given them. The school gives children time and ready access to computers, the library, telephone, other staff members and any other resources in their pursuit of answers and solutions.


An important aspect of our philosophy is growing responsibilities as the child grows. This includes: becoming more responsible for one’s own learning, becoming more responsible for one’s behaviours and actions. The aim is for children to develop internal discipline. Through this a real sense of self-respect is gained.


Interdependence is striking the right balance of co-operation and independence. It involves people relying on each other to do their individual parts. The whole school performance is just one important event at the Village School that fosters reliability and real community spirit.


Resilience is all about picking oneself up after a negative experience or a mistake and knowing that you can go on. Village School’s discipline statement recognises that mistakes are valuable learning experiences and encourages children to see their own and other’s in this light.

Village School values


From time to time Village School may be able to offer 2 days a week to home schoolers. This is dependent on the status of enrolments.  

When classes are nearly full, preference is given to full time students.




TIMES: Wednesday and Thursday 9.00am till 3.30pm

COST: Annual Tuition fee of $3090 per child in 2015

OTHER COSTS: $2.50 annual Village School Membership Fee, a $100 annual Working Bee Levy (refundable upon 2 working bees being attended) and a once off $500 Building Fund Donation.

Term 4 only – additional fee of $200.00 for 5 day camp if attending. Camp is not compulsory but all students are encouraged to attend.

SIBLING DISCOUNTS:  Usual student discounts for second and additional siblings will apply as per the school’s fee policy for full time students. Currently this is set at 25% discount for second sibling, and 50% for subsequent siblings enrolled at any one time.

NUMBER OF STUDENTS: The program will initially be limited to up to four part-time students per class, integrated with the existing full-time classes. Programs for part-time students will be adjusted as necessary, however part-time students will generally join in with existing class activities.


Wednesday mornings -

 • Class room activities – computers, maths games, working on projects (these will be individually tailored for children and will be based on discussions   the teachers have with the children and parents). Projects can be set and part-time students can return them the following week, or projects can be set for the term to be worked on in class. Each group will also participate in Horse Riding which rotates on a term by term basis.

Wednesday afternoons – whole school activities

 • There are three activities – gymnastics (at Glitz in Lilydale), freeform martial arts and games – which rotate during Terms 1, 2 and 4, so that each child will enjoy one term of each activity.

Thursday mornings -

• Each group will be participating in the following classes: Music, Auslan, Library and Environment.

Thursday afternoons – whole school activities

• A number of activities are offered based on student suggestions and skills available. Students from all classes choose two activities during Terms 1, 2 and 4 and attend those activities each week. These activities include yoga, formal art classes, cooking, archery, science, masks and drama, creative writing and board games. Parents are encouraged to share their skills on these days as this ensures a more diverse range of activities can be offered.


Although Wednesday afternoon activities are fixed, the remainder of the program will vary from term to term depending on term themes and other factors.

Third term, for example, is production term, and as the whole school is involved in the production a great deal of planning, script writing, costume and set designing and rehearsing will go on. This is a great experience for everyone and is a very special part of the Village program.

Part-time students are encouraged to participate in the annual musical production, however this will involve additional rehearsals on days when part-timers don’t usually attend. Parents will be responsible for ensuring their children can attend additional rehearsals during term 3 if they wish their children to be involved.

Term 3 also includes a three day ‘Performance Camp’ in Mount Evelyn which part-time students are able to attend at no extra cost. The camp will be compulsory for any part time students who wish to take part in the production, particularly if their role in the production is significant.


The school has adopted a fairly open minded approach to the program and is willing to look at expanding or adjusting the program in the future depending on demand and other factors. This may involve running a separate home school program rather than integrating students into existing classes. Such a program would most likely be tailor made for home schoolers.


All Village School policies, terms and conditions and other procedures apply to part-time students in the same manner as full-time students, except as necessarily modified to suit the part-time program. For more information about our terms and policies please see the Village School Website.

For more information or to book a tour of the school contact our office on 9726 4766.

"The 5R's make common sense. Other schools have this in their publicity blurb, but make empty promises. We have found that Village School actually follows through on their philosophy."

Quality Assurance Survey (School Parent Body)